Allotment Committee Meeting Minutes 8th February 2023

Allotment Meeting Minutes Uploaded on February 24, 2023

Minutes of the Meeting of Doddinghurst Parish Council Allotment Committee

held at 13.00 on Wednesday 8th February 2023 in the Parish Office, Church Lane, Doddinghurst


Present: Cllr. Debbie Dicker (Chairman), Cllr. Julia Le Page, Mrs. Marilyn Turner, Mrs Vally Veryard, and

Mrs Claudine Burton.


  • Apologies for absence:  Cllr Phil Arnell
  • Declaration of interests in items arising on the agenda: None
  • Minutes of Last Meeting held on 24th May 2022: Minutes approved.
  • Information: Finances were looked at for information purposes and attached.
  • Resolved: Renewal Fees – It was agreed that the fees would remain unchanged, however it was agreed that the renewal year would be changed to 1 October until 30th September.  So for the renewal year of 2023/24 the fees charged in April will be for 6 months. £30 for full plot and £15 for half plot.
  • Deposit Suggestion: the possibility of charging a deposit to plot holders was discussed and voted upon and the vote was 2 in favour and 3 against charging a deposit.
  • Resolved: Skip for 2023 – it was agreed a skip would be arranged before the end of March 2023 to fit into this financial year.  Concern was expressed about overloading the skip and the possibility of getting a tarpaulin to put on the skip, but unfortunately the skip company does not supply a cover.
  • Information : Waiting list update.  There are currently 4 people on the waiting list. 
  • Resolved: It was agreed that the next allotment inspection would be scheduled for June.  The Deputy Clerk will arrange closer to the time.  At the renewal time ask Allotment holders whether they are interested in a holders meeting.
  • Urgent Business : Chippings needed – ask if anyone can supply chippings for the allotment plot. 


                                                            The meeting closed at 14:00


Signed:                                                                                                                 Dated:   14th February 2023