The Parish Council has authorised the establishment of four committees to deal with detailed aspects of the Council’s activities, these are described in full in the attached document and are summarised as:

General Purpose (Environmental, Playing Areas, Burial Ground, Footpaths, Nature Trail.)

Planning (The Council is a Statutory Consultee on Building and Development planning matters)

Finance and Resource: Budget and Precept, Governance, Staff and Employment.

Allotment: Allotment Garden oversight and tenancy arrangement including fees and leasing arrangements.

The roles of Councillors are:

Debbie Dicker: Chairman of the Full Council; Planning, Chairman; Allotment, Chairman; Finance and Resource, Chairman; Cheque Signatory; Borough Planning Committee, Member; Borough Council Local Strategic Partnership, Member; Brentwood Borough Parish Council Assn, Member

David Potter : General Purpose; Planning

Alan Smith: Finance and Resource; Planning.

Julia Le Page: General Purpose; Finance and Resource; Allotment; Village Planters.

Gerry Smith: General Purpose; Finance and Resource; Cheque Signatory; Youth Development; Highways; Transport; Police.

Phil Arnell: General Purpose; Allotment.

Michael Capon: Finance and Resource; Planning, Transport & Footpaths; Cheque Signatory

Diane Rogers-Harrison: General Purpose.

Roger McCheyne: General Purpose.

Trisha Brooks: General Purpose.