Planning applications are made to the Local Planning Authority, in our case Brentwood Borough Council (BBC).  BBC makes the dGeneric Planningecision on whether to approve or refuse an application.  BBC also oversees building regulations, enforces action against breeches of planning rules and draws up its plans for the future of the Borough in its Local Development Plan.

All planning applications can be commented on by residents, and Parish Councils must be informed of all planning applications in their area.

All planning applications are published on the BBC website (see link below) and residents are notified by public notices being placed nearby.  There will be a consultation period stated on the notice.


The Parish Council will always urge members of the public to submit their own individually written responses directly to BBC.  You can do this by letter, email, or directly to the BBC planning portal via their website.  However, if you respond your comments will be published on the BBC website.


Doddinghurst Parish Council’s Planning Committee meets every month and considers all the applications for the parish.  These meetings are open to the public who may comment, speak in support of, or object to an application during the Public Participation part of the meeting.

Before the meeting, members of the committee will study the plans and details of the applications carefully and will consider any comments already submitted to BBC by the public.  The committee will then submit its comments to BBC.  These comments, although based on local knowledge, can only be based on material planning considerations.  These include:

  • The local development framework and local plan
  • Design, appearance and layout
  • Risk of flooding or pollution
  • Conservation of trees, buildings and open land
  • Need to safeguard the countryside or protected species
  • Noise and disturbance
  • Adequacy of parking
  • Effect on daylight and privacy of existing property
  • The planning history of the site

They do not include:

    • Private property rights such as covenants
    • The developer’s identity or motives
    • The effect on the value of your property
    • Loss of a private view
    • Private neighbour disputes

Land ownership

  • Commercial competition

After consideration the Parish Council may decide to respond with NO OBJECTION.  It may decide to OBJECT on some of the grounds above.  It may make recommendations for planning conditions to be added to the application should BBC grant approval.

Whilst the representations of the Parish Councils are important, they are not necessarily entitled to any more weight than any other representations eg neighbours, and indeed will be given less weight than the observations of the statutory consultees, eg the Highway Authority or Environment Agency.  It is therefore important to respond directly to BBC if you feel strongly about a planning application.

The majority of applications are decided by BBC Planning Officers, but if a development is particularly contentious or large it may be determined by the BBC Planning Committee at a public meeting at which you can ask to speak.  Residents and Parish Councils may ask that an application is determined in this way.

You can find all live planning applications listed on the Brentwood County Council website.