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Chair – Cllr Debbie Dicker

Cllr. Debbie Dicker has served on the Parish Council since 1994, and for the majority of this time she has been the council’s Chair.  Debbie joined the council with a hope to make Doddinghurst a better place to live in and help the community in any way that she could.

She also the Planning, Allotment and Finances & Resources Chairperson and a member of the Brentwood Borough Parish Council Association.

She is proud of her involvement in the ongoing fight to help save the 61 bus.  She was also heavily involved in rebuilding the Children’s Play Area at the heart of the village, which is enjoyed by many families of Doddinghurst.  She plays a vital part on keeping our village in a good condition and supports all those that look after the interests of the residents in the village.

Debbie has lived in Doddinghurst for many years and is a well-known face around the village.   She has worked closely with Cllr Le Page organising the many successful events that Doddinghurst have held in the Village Hall, such as the Queen’s Diamond and Platinum Jubilee events.

Debbie says, “I hope I can carry on for some time to come serving the people of Doddinghurst”.

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