General Purposes Committee Meeting Agenda February 15th 2023

Agendas Uploaded on February 10, 2023

Members of Doddinghurst Parish Council General Purposes Committee are requested to attend a meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2023 at 19.30 in the Parish Room adjacent Village Hall, Church Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0NJ.

The meeting is open to press and public

Caroline Fuller Clerk Doddinghurst Parish Council 9th February 2023

Committee Members, Cllrs:
G. Smith (Chairman), P. Arnell, T. Brooks, R. McCheyne, J. LePage, D. Potter & D. Rogers-Harrison.

1. Apologies for absence
2. Declaration of interests relating to items on the agenda
3. Resolution: To approve minutes of the meeting held on 12th October 2022
4. Public Participation
Members of the public are invited to speak for a maximum of three minutes each
5. Items for Information: Update on activities undertaken APPENDIX 1
a) Play Area
d) Parish Office/Parish Room
b) Burial Ground
e) Trees
c) Allotments
f) Ponds
6. Items for Resolution: APPENDIX 2
a) Flower Tubs
To consider the quotation from Matthew Plants for filling 6 planters twice a year
£250 + VAT
b) Defibrillator
To consider purchasing an additional defibrillator at the Parish Office, from London Hearts.
£2,235 + P&P (to include a £300 grant)
c) Children’s Play Area Signs
To consider purchasing two information signs from The Style Works to be placed on the play area gates – £484 + VAT
Doddinghurst Parish Council
d) Smoke Alarms in Office & Parish Room
To consider quote from KJF Electrical to replace and link all smoke alarms – £614 + VAT
e) Kitchen Units
To consider replacing the base units damaged by water. Quote obtained from Daniel Dowdall – £780
7. Disability Access Policy Statement APPENDIX 3
To consider the draft document
8. Review of Fees
a) Burial Ground APPENDIX 4
b) Parish Room Hire Fees
Currently £10 per half day, and £30 per full day
9. Security of Parish Building
Discussion, in light of recent vandalism of the Village Hall
10. Unauthorised Football on Peartree Field
A resident has reported seeing an organised game of football being played under floodlights on Peartree Field.
11. Any Other Urgent Business strictly for information only.