General Purpose Committee Meeting 15th February 2023

General Purposes Meeting Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2023

Minutes of the Meeting of Doddinghurst Parish Council General Purpose Committee held at 19.30 on the 15th February 2023 in the Parish Room, (adjacent Village Hall), Church Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0NJ
Present: Cllrs. Gerry Smith (Chairman), Julia Le Page, and Roger McCheyne.
Also present: Mrs C. Fuller (Clerk/RFO)
1. Apologies for absence: Cllrs D. Rogers-Harrison, T. Brooks, P. Arnell & D. Potter.
2. Declaration of interests relating to items on the agenda: Cllr. McCheyne declared a pecuniary interest in the Allotments.
3. Resolution: Minutes of the meeting held on 12th October 2022 were approved.
4. Public Participation: None present.
5. Information: Update on activities undertaken since 12th October 2022 meeting.
a) Play Area
• Replacement zip wire seat is on order from Broadmead Leisure.
• Replacement cross-trainer is on order from the Great Outdoor Gym Company.
• Repair to the ‘hump’ is awaited from Broadmead Leisure.
b) Burial Ground
• Visit awaited from Robbie Wilks regarding loose headstones in the ashes section. He will fix one headstone and, if suitable, will quote to stabilise the rest.
• The Clerk met with the owner of the grave with unauthorised decorations and asked that they are removed. They remain, so the Clerk to contact him again, and report back at the next GP meeting.
• Charles Jeffrey’s memorial bench is falling into disrepair. Attempts to contact the family are being made as the bench will need to be repaired or removed. If no contact can be made or the family unwilling to repair/replace, the location is to be offered to a previous applicant.
c) Allotments
• All in good order.
• Three people on the waiting list.
• Renewals due 1st April. Renewals to be for six month to assist with accounting. Then renewals to be sent out again for 1st October for one year.
• A skip will be ordered before the end of March.
d) Parish Office/Parish Room
• Two new external doors and gents’ toilet window are on order and due to be fitted in March.
• One quote to refurbish the gents’ toilet has been received. A second is being sought.
• Additional wall heater has been fitted in the Office.
• Second-hand Netgear gigabit switch has been purchased for the office.
e) Trees
• Place Services had been contacted to quote for a tree survey and inspection, however this was proving onerous and potentially costly. It was agreed to stay with the current system of instructing Prince Arboriculture to carry out their inspection free of charge. It was noted that Prince had traditionally surveyed and quoted for works to some trees which are not on Parish Council land (some are on the Infant School or Village Hall land). It was
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agreed to instruct the survey in the usual way, but to write to those organisation if any works were recommended asking that they deal with them.
f) Ponds
• Peartree Pond has had some trees removed from the edges and general tidying works carried out. Thanks to Cllr. Potter for arranging this.
6. Items for Resolution
a) Flower Tubs
 Resolved to instruct Matthews Plants to plant six planters with spring and autumn plants (including removal of old plant material, top up with new compost and slow-release fertiliser) at a cost of £300 including VAT.
b) Defibrillator
It was noted that the replacement battery for the defibrillator outside Budgens was due for delivery very shortly and would therefore be fully functioning. Members considered purchasing an additional defibrillator from London Hearts (charity) to be located externally at the Parish Room. Cost £1,251.
 Resolved not to purchase a second defibrillator at this time, but to review the situation in one year.
c) Play Area Signage
 Resolved to purchase two laminated signs for the gates giving location, safety and usage information. Cost for the two £484 to include fitting.
d) Smoke Alarms in Parish Office, Parish Room, Kitchen and Corridors
 Resolved to instruct KJF Electrical to remove existing smoke alarms and wire in eight new alarms. Cost £614 plus VAT. (2 in favour, 1 absention)
e) Kitchen Units
 Resolved to spend a maximum of £780 to replace the kitchen base units, but to obtain cheaper units if possible. Work to be carried out by D. Dowdall.
7. Disability Access Policy Statement:
 Resolved to take the draft Statement to the full Council for approval.
8. Review of Fees:
a) Burial Ground Take the item to full Council with information on when fees were last increased, and details of amounts paid for maintenance.
b) Parish Room Hire  Resolved to keep at same level (£10 for half-day, £30 for full day) and to review in one year.
9. Security of Parish Building
Members discussed security in light of recent vandalism of the Village Hall. CCTV was discussed as a potential solution, or at least deterrent.
 Resolved that Cllr. G. Smith will endeavour to improve and increase inter-action with local police to attempt to resolve the issue at source.
10. Unauthorised Football on Peartree Field
It was noted that organised football is being played on the field, sometimes at night under floodlights, which is contrary to what is permitted there.
 Resolved to monitor the situation.
11. Information Items: None.
The meeting closed at 21.00
Minutes signed: Date: 19th April 2023