Finance & Resources Committee Agenda – 17th May 2023

Agendas Uploaded on May 11, 2023
  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Declaration of Interests relating to items on the agenda.
  3. Resolution: To approve Minutes of the meeting held on 16th November 2022.
  4. Public Representation. Members of the public are invited to speak for a period not exceeding three minutes.
  5. Actual v Budgeted Income & Expenditure Outcome for 2022/23
  6. Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) Regime 2022/23.  a) AGAR Governance Sign-off  b)  External Audit Submission and Governance Statement. To approve compliance for submission to Full Council.
  7. Internal Audit Report.  To note the Internal Auditor’s visit on 15th May.  His report is awaited.
  8. Reviews – Asset Register, General & Earmarked Reserves
  9.  Investments.  To consider investing £25,000 into the COIF Charities Deposit Fund
  10. Scribe Allotment Quote.   To consider purchasing the Scribe Allotment package – one-off set up cost £249 plus £420 per annum
  11. Coronation Plaque.  To consider purchasing a plaque.  Cost £199.00
  12. Risk Assessments.   To note and approve completion of Risk Assessments.   Risk Assessment Schedules for 2023/24 and task assignments to be agreed by Full Council.
  13. Any Other Urgent Business strictly for information only.