Finance and Resources Committee Meeting Minutes 16th November 2022

Finance & Resources Meeting Minutes Uploaded on November 30, 2022

Minutes of a Meeting of Doddinghurst Parish Council Finance and Resources Committee held on Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 7.30pm in Parish Room (adjacent to the Parish Room), Church Lane, Doddinghurst CM15 0NJ

Present: Cllrs. Mrs D Dicker (Chairman), J Le Page, G Smith and A Smith.
Also Present: Mrs C Fuller – Clerk/RFO

1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Declaration of Interests: None
3. Minutes of Meeting held on 18th May 2022
 Resolved to approve.
4. Public Representation: None
5. Staff Salary Review:
It was noted that the 2022-23 National Salary Award had been agreed and is to be implemented from 1st April 2022. The new pay scales will be applied retrospectively to the Clerk and other staff employed under the model contract. One extra day holiday is also awarded to these staff, effective from 1st April 2023.
6. 2022/23 Budget Review and Forecast to the end of March 2023:
 Resolved to make the following adjustments:
i) Fields & Play Areas: Add cross-trainer. Cost approx. £3,000. Quotes awaited.
ii) Capital Works: Add extra heater in the Parish Office. Cost to be ascertained.
iii) Capital Works: Add refurbishment of gents’ toilet. Cost to be ascertained.
iv) Capital Works: Reduce cost of external doors* and gents’ window to £3,600.
During discussions it was noted that the two external doors had still not been placed on order. The contractor had advised that they must both open outwards and be made of aluminium as they are fire escapes and the cost would be £4,000 per door. Members noted that Building Regulations 2010 (Fire Safety) 2019 Edition state that doors should open outwards where practicable (they must open outwards where there are more than 60 people). It is not practicable to open the doors outwards onto the external steps. Therefore, the contractor is to be asked to supply composite doors opening inwards as per the original specification. Cost quoted (to include replacing the gents’ toilet window) is £3,600 plus VAT.
7. Projects for Implementation in the Financial Year 2023/24:
 Resolved to approve the following:
i) Capital Works: Add stair walker, or similar, for disability access. Cost to be ascertained.
8. Budget and Precept Recommendation 2023/24 for approval at Full Council in January 2023:
 Resolved to recommend the budget for the year 2023/24with the following amendments under Expenditure:
i) Cemetery: Increase to £10,500 to cover new ‘landings’ for cremated remains headstones.
ii) Donations: Reduce to £2,000 (covers payment to Village Hall for electricity).
iii) Publicity: Increase to £1,500.
iv) Training: Increase to £1,000.
 Resolved to recommend a Precept of £76,000 for the year 2023/24.
The Clerk was also asked to donate a supply of books ‘Doddinghurst A Place in the Country’ to the church for them to sell for church funds.
9. Any Other Urgent Business: It was noted that the 2023/24 budget as proposed would result in a negative balance, but the Committee were satisfied that reserves would still be sufficient and healthy.

The meeting was closed at 9.25 pm

Signed: …………………………. Deborah Dicker (Chairman) Dated: 17th May 2023