Allotment Committee Meeting Minutes 24th May 2022

Allotment Meeting Minutes Uploaded on September 7, 2022

Minutes of the Meeting of Doddinghurst Parish Council Allotment Committee

held at 19.30 on Tuesday 24th May 2022 in the Parish Office, Church Lane, Doddinghurst


Present: Cllr. Debbie Dicker (Chairman), Mrs. Marilyn Turner, Mrs Vally Veryard, and

Mrs Claudine Burton.


  1. Apologies for absence:  Cllr Phil Arnell and Cllr Julia Le Page


  1. Declaration of interests in items arising on the agenda: None


  1. Information: The recent break-in from the shed was discussed and issued raised on site security and locking the gate.  The incident was logged with the police by an allotment holder and was given the incident number: 42/124912/22.  Allotment holders have been locked in the site where allotment holders have padlocked the gate, hoping to make the site secure.  It was agreed the site should be left unlocked with the key attached the gate and the code scrambled.  The last person to leave the site should then be responsible for locking the site, and ensure the padlock is facing the right way.  An email informing allotment holders is to be circulated.


  1. IResolved: It was agreed that a second skip would be requested in the autumn should funds be available.


  1. IResolved: It was agreed that the current level of allotment committee numbers met the constitution which had been agreed in May 2022.  Next year before the committees are agreed, the Deputy Clerk will contact allotment holders asking for their nominations for committee members, to ensure everyone is included.


  1. Any other business:


One allotment holder asked if Roger McCheyne could cut down the side hedges.  The farmer was contacted but he said he has access issues in reaching the hedges.  Allotment holders are completely free to cut back whatever they wish.


One allotment holder asked for a reminder to be sent via email not to drive your car and park it in the access paths, unless its to unload or is a medical necessity.  An email reminder will be sent.


                                                            The meeting closed at 20.30






Signed:                                                                                                           Dated:   8th June 2022