Doddinghurst Neigbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood Plan for Doddinghurst.

Notice of Consultation:


Notice of Public Consultation: Doddinghurst Neighbourhood Plan Area

Under the Town and Country Planning Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Doddinghurst Parish Council has submitted an application to Brentwood Borough Council to designate their parish a Neighbourhood Plan Area for the purposes of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan. The application can be viewed on the Borough Council's website. Anyone who wishes to comment on the proposed area can do so. Comments should be sent by 19 October 2012

to   or Planning Policy, Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood CM15 8AY.

Updated on the 27th June 2012. Many thanks to the 80+ people who turned out to the Village Meeting to learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan. The presentation by the steering committee was well received despite taking almost an hour to unfold. We hope we covered all your questions but if you have more please feel free to send in a email. Also, if you want to get proactive and hands on let me know that too as we will be touring the village to gather more facts and opinions in September this year.

The Neighbourhood plan area may be seen by clicking here.

The Village Meeting presentation (with text) may be downloaded here. (This does require Powerpoint 2007)

Neighbourhood Plan Village Meeting 25th June @19.30 in the Village Hall, Church Lane, Doddinghurst

A Neighbourhood Plan Village meeting, which is open to anyone in the village to attend, is being held on Monday the 25th June 2012 at 07.30 pm and it will last until 09.00 pm.

At the meeting we will explain how a neighbourhood plan will influence how land in the village may be used for the next 20 years and how the plan fits in with the Local Development Plan being prepared by Brentwood Borough Council.

The vision for the plan is to "create one of the most pleasant villages in Essex for people of all ages to live in".

We will be discussing the options for the plan and need your views, so if you care about Doddinghurst you need to understand what is going on and make your views known. Don't say you weren't asked!

Click here for the Doddinghurst pamphlet about Neighbourhood Plans - scroll down to see all four pages. If you are burning for even more information, especially the "options", read the centrefold pages of the June 2012 edition of the "Doddinghurst Link" which is delivered to everyones door in the village and beyond!

The Parish Council has established a steering committee to direct the work of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Doddinghurst, if you are not sure where the parish boundary runs please click here for a map to see what area is affected. It will take a little time but all the available information will be published on this website and the consultation process will involve everyone in the Village/ Parish as part of a Community Engagement programme. It's a new concept and turning out to be very complex and will take a lost of time to complete (maybe 2 to 3 years) and the Neighbourhood Plan must gel with the Brentwood Local Plan - due for publication later this year. At its heart the plan is a statement of land use and, if approved and adopted, will be a very powerful document in determining how the village will be allowed to develop and look in 20 years time. It is important to know that no-one on the steering committee has any land (save their own homes) or business interests in building and development and at the end of the day the content of the Neighbourhood Plan will be determined by the collective view of the people of Doddinghurst. The "Plan" will be a document containing perhaps 20 to 30 pages including maps, not a single drawing as the word "plan" might imply, so don't expect to see a something that looks like a set of building drawings! We are being supported by Brentwood Borough Council and have received government funding to cover the costs of work we will have pay for such a an independent inspection of the plan and village referendum. Our mapping is covered by the relatively new arrangement with Ordnance Survey called the Public Sector Mapping Agreement for which the Parish Council licence number is 0100046825.